5th China Aviation New Technology Forum - Cassiopée Safran

Mid-April, our team was lucky enough to travel to Shanghai and attended the 5th China Aviation New Technology Forum. More than 150 airlines attended the forum: Safran Electronics & Defense had to be part of it!

As the 3rd largest country in the world, China is home to an increasing number of domestic and international airlines, all seeking to improve operation efficiency, safety and quicken maintenance processes. Data monitoring and analysis plays a major role in answering to airlines’ needs.

Why is data monitoring and analysis a hot topic in China?

With an amazingly big and populated territory, air traffic is key to China’s economy and development. China has 15% of the world fleet and saw 549 million passengers in 2017[1]: the schedule is tight, and avoiding delays is crucial. During peak times, such as the Lunar New Year period, millions of passengers can be expected to fly in a few weeks or even days. Nothing can be left to chance!

Moreover, the on-time performance of Chinese passenger airlines averaged 76.46% in the first 11 months of 2016. One single delay can have long lasting consequences!

Even though bad weather was attributed to 56.8% of all delayed flights, airlines are willing to improve those numbers.

Airlines therefore rely more and more on data analysis to be able to predict events and be fully aware of each aircraft’s operational state.

For the reasons given above, we were pleased to meet with Chinese airlines and let them know about our solutions.

On day 1, our team met with plenty of potential customers at the booth, while also keeping up with what the market offers. It all moves very fast, which makes it all the more interesting!

On day 2, Georges Ric, our marketing manager, took the floor to explain how Cassiopée is contributing to improve airline flight operation efficiency by using data smartly!

Whether you attended the forum or not, reach out for more information, or even just to chat with us about this event.


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