China Southern chooses Safran’s Cassiopée Alpha flight data analysis solution - Cassiopée Safran

Paris, France, November 26, 2020

Safran Electronics & Defense has won a contract from China Southern Airlines Company Limited to deploy Cassiopée Alpha, its new all-in-one flight data processing and analysis solution, for the airline’s entire fleet of more than 600 airplanes.

The continuous growth in air traffic and the digital transformation of increasingly connected aircraft over the last few decades has generated a huge increase in flight data. Cassiopée Alpha is a powerful and easy to use system, providing a deep, detailed and accurate analysis of data for each flight of each aircraft, spanning all aircraft types and fleet sizes. This unrivaled solution addresses the needs of all sectors dealing with flight data: flight safety, air operations, maintenance and data science. Designed as a modular, open and flexible system, which means it can be integrated in any digital ecosystem, Safran’s Cassiopée Alpha provides fast, powerful and simultaneous data processing and analysis, along with a personalized configuration of the many algorithms and alerts involved to meet the specific needs of each user. “Multilingual”, it analyzes all data and provides operators with relevant information for each of their aircraft, simply, quickly and effectively.

Cassiopée Alpha will ensure the daily data analysis for all flights carried out by China Southern’s fleet, while also precisely monitoring the parameters for each aircraft.Airlines can then crunch this data to feed their own data science applications and tailor their maintenance program, both preventive and predictive.

“As a long-term reliable partner of Safran’s Cassiopée solutions, China Southern Airlines has been impressed by Safran’s quality services. Cassiopée Alpha, Safran’s next-generation decoding platform, enhances user’s friendly experience by adopting new architecture, and making the use free from the restrictions of locations. China Southern Airlines relies on the cost saving and good benefits from Cassiopee Alpha’s deployment, support, data processing efficiency and openness as well as the customized development. China Southern Airlines truly believes in Cassiopée Alpha’s power to bring the cooperation between Safran Electronics & Defense and China Southern Airlines to a new level”, said China Southern Airlines

“Safran has extensive international experience in the analysis of flight data and we are delighted that China Southern has chosen our new Cassiopée Alpha solution,” said Martin Sion, Chief Executive Officer of Safran Electronics & Defense. “Because of their focus on continuous improvement in safety, we are constantly developing ever-higher-performance solutions to boost their operational excellence.”

Cassiopée Alpha is the latest generation of Safran’s well-known Cassiopée flight data management service. More than one-third of the global commercial aviation fleet is tracked using Safran’s systems, with over 30 million hours of data analyzed every year.

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