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CVFDR Helicopter
crash recorder

Preventing risks, Maximizing flight safety

The crash protected Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder (CVFDR) provides a highly reliable recording solution for helicopters equipped with a Helicom acquisition unit.

Indestructible, compact and lightweight, it guarantees the retrieval of your data even in the event of a crash. The flight recorder is available as a single FDR or fully integrated as a CVFDR with Underwater Locator Beacon.

Data recording and recovery

With its capacity to record 25 hours of data and 2 hours of audio, the CVFDR ensures the recording and recovery of all your helicopter flight data as well as the environment in the cockpit (ambient, pilot and co-pilot voices).
The readout service provided with the CVFDR ensures the integrity of the Flight Data Recorder.

High survivability

Benefit from innovative thermal & shock protection patented by Safran. Compliant with EUROCAE ED155, the CVFDR has been built and successfully tested to resist to impact, static crush, seawater immersion and high-temperature fire.

  • Compact & lightweight: < 3kg
  • Data recording: 25 hours (FDR) & 2 hours (CVR)
  • ED-155 compliant
  • Underwater Locator Beacon




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