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Helicopter digital
flight report

Generating your flight reports in a click

Designed for helicopter pilots and CAMO operators, the Digital Flight Report (DFR) is an Electronic Technical Logbook, available on a mobile application.

Guaranteeing the traceability and the secure transmission of the data, the DFR allows the pilots to automatically generate and transfer their flight reports.

Simplicity & time savings

Logged on the mobile application with his personal identifier and wirelessly connected to the Helicom data acquisition device, the pilot can automatically generate a pre-filled report, check the data and sign his pre-flight and end of flight reports.
Linked to the daily log, The DFR is transmitted and stored in Cassiopée™ via a secure communication and made available to the operator’s MIS system.

High reliability

100% paperless, it minimizes typing error and loss of data

Avionics data authenticity

Data traceability and secure transmission

Flight reports and avionics data matching


CVFDR Helicopter crash recorder

Ensuring retrieval of your data

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