Analysing flight data: 4 vital functionalities to provide a high performance service

November 6th 2019

Over the last few years, data has become a vital tool to control and verify aircraft behaviour. Manufacturers, airlines and OEMs are particularly interested in data because it is capable

Flight data analysis: why bet on big data solution?

October 18th 2018

Global air traffic is booming, your fleets are expanding, and your airplanes are generating more and more data: your systems have to change as well! But how do you choose

Choosing the right helicopter flight data monitoring service

September 12th 2018

An increasing number of helicopter flight data monitoring (HFDM) services are being offered these days. What are their advantages? How can they help you improve flight safety, while also reducing

5th China Aviation New Technology Forum

June 13th 2018

Mid-April, our team was lucky enough to travel to Shanghai and attended the 5th China Aviation New Technology Forum. More than 150 airlines attended the forum: Safran Electronics & Defense

IATA Releases 2017 Airlines Safety performance

February 28th 2018

Each year, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) releases data on safety performance. Last year, much less accidents were recorded, allowing us to think that safety will keep on improving

Welcome to our blog!

February 23rd 2018

Hi everyone and welcome to our blog! This is where we’ll regularly be sharing interesting news, in depth articles and beautiful pictures, on our favourite topic: aviation and