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Whether you are a flight safety manager, flight ops engineer, maintenance/airworthiness engineer or a data scientist, Cassiopée™ Alpha allows you to unlock instantly and efficiently all the value from your flight data, to facilitate your daily role.

Get a clear, precise and in-depth overview of your operations to quickly identify and mitigate risks, to monitor green operations, to anticipate aircraft system failures or to optimize your costs.

As a unique solution to decode, clean and analyze all flight data, Cassiopée™ Alpha offers a full range of features to meet your specific needs: alert and algorithm customization, additional data fusion module, multi-flight analysis, machine learning, integration into data science platform, and so on.

Whether you want to keep your data within your own organization or to outsource its management, stay in control and set-up Cassiopée™ Alpha the way you want:

  • On Premises: hosted in your data center or cloud
  • SaaS: hosted by Safran
  • Cassiopée™ FDM Services: outsource your FDM program to Safran Cassiopée™ expert team

Across the world, more than 300 customers rely on our expertise.

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