The ACMS (Aircraft Condition Monitoring Systems) is a flight data acquisition unit with a massive data acquisition capability

It records numerous flight and physical parameters onboard via a Quick or Direct Access Recorder (QAR or DAR) and can send in real time via ACARS preprogrammed reports on the behavior of the aircraft or its systems

At the end of the flight, the data can be extracted from the ACMS via a PCMCIA card or sent via a 3G-type secure Wireless Extension For ACMS (WEFA)

The WEFA is composed of a WEFA card (Smart PCMCIA Card) and a WEFA station (ground software application). It allows a continuous and fully automated recovery of aircraft data without human manipulation, reducing costs, delays, and risks of data loss. Aircraft data is available right after landing, enabling pilot’s air safety reports investigation right away, while allowing a data recovery rate of 100%.

  • Programmable ACMS
  • Plug & play Wireless Extension For ACMS unit
  • Automated secured 3G+ data transfer
  • Web based dashboard to monitor aircraft data transfer
  • Automatic user notification of new available data
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