Cassiopée the 5 star aviation services

Aviation services

Cassiopée aviation services are an innovative, comprehensive and integrated range of world-class services dedicated to airlines, business aviation and helicopter operators. It has 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing products for aircraft manufacturers and   25 years of experience in providing services to aircraft operators, notably in the fields of flight safety and flight data monitoring, flight operations engineering and regulatory compliance.

Cassiopée aviation services aims to support airlines/business aviation/helicopter operators by:

  • Building their regulatory organisation and monitoring their regulatory compliance
  • Flying their daily operations
  • Managing aircraft continuous airworthiness and  maintenance
  • Managing risks and flight safety
  • Optimizing their costs

Cassiopée aviation services are divided into specialist areas

Cassiopée safety management
Safety Management
Cassiopée Flight Ops Management
Flight Operations Management
Cassiopée maintenance management
Maintenance Management
cost management
Cost Management
Flight Ops efficiency
Flight Ops efficiency