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Cassiopée Helisafe

Our Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring solution Cassiopée Helisafe will help you make the best use of your flight data. Entirely automatic, lightweight and easy to use, Cassiopée Helisafe enhances flight safety and operations and sharpens the maintenance activity and savings. More than 1 million of flight hours have already been logged!

Cassiopée Helisafe consists of an acquisition box to install on your Helicopter and a web interface to visualize your flight data.

  • Up to 64 recorded parameters: NR, NG / N1, NF / N2, T4, etc.
  • Capabilities for automatic transmission of flight data : post-flight and real time
  • Unlimited number of trigger configuration to track parameters
  • Ability to visualize the position of your helicopters in real time
Download our Cassiopée Helisafe product sheet