Cassiopée Node

Data management can be overwhelming! Designed to omit no informations and simplify work of data processing, Cassiopée Node offers an automatic processing of a large volume of data in record time. The technology of this service allows you to daily receive and process this data, no matter the size of your fleet.

Once the information is processed, Cassiopée Node delivers ready-to-use data to third party systems to continue reading and analyzing flight data. Last but not least, if new algorithms or standards are implemented, the service allows massive replay of historical data in record time.

  • Automatic big-data oriented flight data decoding in open & engineering format
  • Automatic export of engineering values to industry standard format, understandable by data-science tools and programming languages
  • Data is ready for use for Flight Data Monitoring, Data Mining, Data Science…
  • Scalable solution for daily data management from over hundreds of aircraft
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