Cassiopée AGS

With more than 400 users, Safran’s Cassiopée Analysis Ground Station (AGS) solution is the reference when it comes to Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Maintenance Operational Quality Assurance (MOQA). Usable on all fleet, it performs automatic analyses from all available data stemming from aircraft recorders. Exceptionally customizable, this solution allows you to run home-made algorithms: there are no limits on the reports you can create!

Moreover, our service also provides a website for Cassiopée AGS users, with forums, monthly tips, online patches and updates. Through our Cassiopée AGS user experience sharing, you can learn about the lastest FOQA/MOQA trends, concepts and proven results by your peers.

  • Automatic analysis of all available data from aircraft recorders
  • FOQA & MOQA tool allowing aircraft behavior deep study & analysis by experts
  • Highly customizable & configurable solution
  • On premise or SaaS installation and use
Download our Cassiopée AGS product sheet