SFCO2 is a comprehensive solution for setting-up and maintaining a fuel conservation program.

Cassiopée SFCO2

SFCO2  is focused on providing a fuel efficiency service. It is a solution for setting-up and maintaining a fuel conservation program. An initial gap analysis is conducted by Safran Electronics & Defense/Safran Aircraft Engines experts:

  • to measure airline procedures vs. best practice in terms of flight operations efficiency
  • to propose improvements to procedures
  • to measure potential gains
  • to measure actual gains vs. potential gains

Recurrent cross-monitoring of both recorded (QAR) and operational data (Operational Flight Plans, weight and balance data and loading data etc.) via our web-interface enable progress to be followed up on a regular basis. Management of the project is made easier thanks to on-site visits by Cassiopée experts.

SFCO2 benefits include:

  • being run as a project, not as a software sales process: our experts will conduct a preliminary analysis, propose actions, configure software tools and follow-up actions on a weekly basis
  • smart data analysis powered by our world-class AGS Flight Data Analysis software
  • simulation of potential benefits and follow-up of the most efficient initiatives
  • global vision and decision support made easier through dynamic web-based and dynamic dashboards