Cassiopée Safety Management System

Comprehensive solution for setting-up and maintaining Safety Management Systems

Cassiopée Safety Management is a comprehensive solution for setting-up and maintaining your Safety Management System, as required by National Aviation Authorities and international regulations.  This solution includes both consultancy services and software tools, and is tailored to the operator’s operations.

Cassiopée Safety Management services are focused on:

  • Providing support to operators in the implementation of their Safety Management System, including writing the Safety Management Manual;
  • Providing ongoing support to operators:

To ensure that regulatory compliance of their SMS is maintained
To provide consulting and services related to Safety Management;

  • Providing IT tools and modules (Air Safety Reporting, Flight Data Monitoring and management of CA/PA) to gather and follow-up safety data.

Cassiopée Safety Management services are able to assist the airline, after a preliminary gap analysis, in closing any gaps that have been identified through the gap analysis process, so that the operator can reach full SMS regulatory compliance. Typical items that can be dealt with are:

  • Set-up of an incident reporting system (set-up of forms such as Air Safety Reports, Cabin Safety Reports, Ground Safety Reports and Maintenance Safety Reports etc.) and of anonymous reports;
  • Set-up of a Flight Data Monitoring programme (overall process of data collection, analysis and dissemination; initial configuration of the Ground Data Replay and Analysis Station: events sets, associated thresholds and standard format for statistic & trends reports; )
  • Set-up of all risk management processes (hazard identification, risk quantification – including building-up a risk matrix etc.);
  • Set-up of safety indicators;
  • Set-up of safety coordination processes;
  • Set-up of safety data dissemination processes;
  • SMS training for any type of staff;
  • Drafting the Safety Management System manual.