Cassiopée Flight Data Monitoring

Web-based Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) service Powered by Safran Electronics & Defense’s Media Express Link & Analysis Ground Station (AGS)

 Flight Data Monitoring

Cassiopée Flight Data Monitoring offers a regulatory-compliant service of web-based flight data monitoring (FDM), enabling airlines to make use of their flight data. Cassiopée FDM is powered by Sagem’s Analysis Ground Station (AGS) software, used by more than 120 airlines. It gives a comprehensive picture of your operations with statistics; trend reports allow issues to be identified. It also supports safety and maintenance investigation with data, graphical analysis and 3D animations. It also increases risk awareness by improving crew feedback with occurrence reporting features and disseminating FDM results to the crew community.

It is a worldwide web-based FDM service powered by Sagem AGS, the world-leading FDM system which analyzes collected flight data. Managers involved in the FDM process can benefit from all the information they need in a timely manner to improve flight safety. This service is compliant with all current FDM national and international regulations.

FDM benefits have been demonstrated for decades. They allow unsafe trends and hazards in operating procedures to be identified, as well as the effectiveness of corrective actions to be identified. The objective is to reduce operating and maintenance costs, while optimize training procedures.

It is like having your own internal Flight Data Monitoring team, plus additional benefits such as:

  • No need to install, configure or upgrade FDM software; or to maintain an IT infrastructure for data archiving and back-up;
  • Immediate and 24/7 access to a comprehensive team of FDM experts (no learning curve);
  • No need to deal with initial and ongoing training of FDM personnel; or with internal FDM personnel vacancies during holiday periods;

Finally, it lets airlines concentrate on core safety-related tasks and outsource recurrent data processing tasks.