Cassiopée Compliance

Offers a range of consultancy services to ensure that your organization complies with the regulations

Cassiopée compliance service aims to support operators in maintaining their Quality Management System/Compliance Monitoring System by conducting internal audits of their operations. Our team of auditors are able to conduct objective and independent audits to monitor compliance with regulatory requirements and with the operator’s operational policy, standards and procedures. They will identify gaps and will assist in defining corrective actions/preventive actions.

If an airline has chosen to outsource certain activities (training, preparation of manuals, flight planning and performance calculation etc.), Cassiopée Compliance auditors may conduct third-party audits in order to monitor contractual and regulatory compliance of sub-contracted activities. Cassiopée compliance experts have expertise and experience in many aspects of flight operations and are able to conduct audits on the following areas:

  • Organisation
  • Plans and company objectives
  • Operational procedures
  • Flight safety, SMS (safety management system)
  • Operator certification
  • Supervision
  • Aircraft performance
  • All-weather operations
  • Communication and navigational equipment and practices
  • Mass, balance and aircraft loading
  • Instruments and safety equipment
  • Manuals, logs and records
  • Flight and duty time limitations, rest requirements and scheduling
  • Use of the MEL (minimum equipment list)
  • Flight crew/cabin crew
  • Training

Other services include: Quality Management System set-up, Quality Management System training, Quality manual preparation and updating.