Cassiopée Global Services

Cassiopée Global Services is a complete package of coherent tools and equipment that, used together, can manage the whole flight data process effectively, including acquisition, management, recording and analysis.

Cassiopée Global Services

Cassiopée Global Services is based on the power of the market-leading Safran Electronics & Defense Analysis Ground Station (AGS) software, and our pilots, flight data analysts, flight operations engineers and safety consultants who implement tailored solutions that lead to meaningful results.

It is also based on the Aircraft Condition Monitoring System (ACMS) developed by Safran that records data and information from aircraft systems: parameters at takeoff, flight speed and engine temperature etc. It monitors and controls the condition of the onboard equipment and systems, as well as the variations of flight conditions and aircraft operating conditions. Safran also supplies an interface for configuring the ACMS.

Easy-to-use, the GSE allows the configuration of each plane’s ACMS based on the data required: parameter characteristics, DAR and SAR report management, ACMS report management and management of ACARS and MCDU (Multifunction Control Display Unit) features.

Lastly, a WEFA system, adapted to the new generations of planes, can be integrated into the ACMS units in order to transfer data from the plane, right after the flight, to the operator’s servers via a 3G-type secure wireless extension.