About us

Throughout its history, Safran Electronics & Defense has been focused on finding efficient ways to respond to customer needs. The quality and reliability of our service are the key outcome of this proactive customer relationship management. Safran Electronics & Defense has over 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting flight data acquisition and monitoring & recording systems for aircraft and helicopters. Moreover, for 20 years now, Safran Electronics & Defense has been leading the Flight Data Monitoring market thanks to its innovation in the field (cf. AGS system/Analysis Ground Station), and to the professionalism of its flight safety & flight operations consultants. Thanks to that background, Safran Electronics & Defense has developed Cassiopée high value services tailored to customers’ needs.

Furthermore, Safran Electronics & Defense partners, each being a leader in their field, help to close the Cassiopée loop to offer brand new high value-added services in such fields as risk management, safety management, fuel efficiency and crew management.